Who We Are


YONG WEN GROUP is headquartered in Singapore with an established local distribution that spans 3 countries across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong and a wide export network in over 40 countries.


The Vision of the Group is to provide a TOTAL SOLUTION to meet the ever challenging market environment that evolves around the customers' needs.


The Group has since embarked on a mission of diversification to accomplish the Group's Vision.
It has identified 3 keys Portfolios: CREATE, DELIVERED & REACHED which encompasses the following:
1. CREATE - Packaging and Branding where products can be re-branded and re-packaged to suits customers requirement.
2. DELIVERY - Warehouse and Logistics - as a Carrier of its goods and services
3. REACHED - Established Local Distribution Networks where products can reach direct to customers.

Meet the Team

Danny Lim
Group CEO

Jennifer Kee
Trade and Product Development – Director

ST Kee
Business Development & Operation Director

Chu Keng Ming
Sales Director - Malaysia

Group General Manager

Davian Yong
Group Finance & Hr Manager

Angela Yew
Group Senior Purchasing / CS Manager


1. Local Distribution Networks

Singapore: YONG WEN FOOD (S) PTE LTD - www.ywgroup.com.sg
Malaysia: YONG WEN FOOD (M) SDN BHD - www.ywgroup.com.my
Hong Kong: YONG WEN FOOD (HK) LTD - www.ywgroup.hk

2. Warehouse and Logistics

Singapore: TIMES LOGISTICS PTE LTD - www.timeslog.com.sg

3. Packaging

Singapore: AXTON PTE LTD - www.axton.com.sg
Malaysia: YONG WEN HOLDINGS SDN BHD - www.ywh.com.my

We trust that with our commitment and foresight, we can be a strong partner that you can trust and rely upon.

Logo Ideology

YONG WEN logo – A simple yet illustrative logo. A merging of two alphabets “Y” and “W” standing on a pendulum. A pendulum provides a very solid floating platform and can
withstand the rough sea.
YW represent a Human Being standing firmly on a Pendulum “You” and “We” together we make a smiling combination and achieve customer satisfaction.

“Importer, Exporter & Distributor
For Canned Foodstuffs & Provisions”

“Certification International
ISO 22000:2005 Cert No: CI/16045FS”